Merit H2O™ Hydrophilic Guide Wire

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Feature & Benefits

Merit’s H2O™ hydrophilic guide wire enhances catheter tracking with its lubricious coating and smooth surface. A solid Nitinol core increases steerability in tortuous anatomy and the 1:1 torque ratio assures precise manipulation. The H2O is kink resistant and thrombus resistant. Its stiff shaft technology provides strength and stability during catheter placement and exchange.

Hydrophilic Coating

Increased lubricity enhances catheter tracking. Consistently smooth surface ensures integrity of the coating.

Solid Nitinol Core

Kink resistant core for precise manipulation and steerability in tortuous anatomy with 1:1 torque ratio.

Increased Radiopacity

Proprietary polymer technology provides enhanced visibility under fluoroscopy.


A smooth polyurethane jacket and hydrophilic polymer significantly reduce the potential of thrombus formation on the guide wire.

Stiff Shaft Technology

Provides strength and stability during catheter placement and exchange.


Hydrophilic guide wires are available in a variety of diameters, lengths, and tip configurations to ensure the right wire is available for a wide range of diagnostic procedures. Proprietary manufacturing process with strict process tolerances provide a dependable high performance wire.



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