Dynamis AV™ High Pressure PTA Dilatation Catheters

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Dynamis AV™

Performance at Every Curve

The majority of dialysis access-related blockages are located in the venous system, where the anatomy is tortuous and complex. The Dynamis AV facilitates the opening of blockages located in the arteriovenous system of dialysis patients. It is built on an 0.035″ OVER-THE-WIRE PLATFORM with up to 27 atm RBP and a 75 cm CATHETER SHAFT LENGTH.

Features & Benefits

Rated Burst Pressure

14-27 atm to dilate resistant lesions

Radiopaque Marker Bands

Facilitate precise balloon positioning

Semi-compliant Nylon Balloon

Promotes vessel conformability and resists vessel straightening

The high pressure Dynamis AV balloon is designed to dilate resistant lesions while conforming to the vessel, as demonstrated in the case studies below.



Dynamis AV is part of the Merit family of Dialysis Access Products: introducers, guide wires, inflation devices, snare systems, suture and compression devices.


Discover more about the Dynamis AV High Pressure PTA Dilatation Catheters by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.

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Catalog NumberGuide WireSheath CompatibilityBalloon Outer DiametersBalloon Length (mm)Catheter Length (cm)Rated Pressure (atm)Nominal Pressure (atm)SterilizationLatex FreeShipping Box Qty
D03040627750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)3.0 mm40 mm75 cm27 atm14 atmETOYes
D04020627750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)4.0 mm20 mm75 cm27 atm14 atmETOYes
D04040627750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)4.0 mm40 mm75 cm27 atm14 atmETOYes
D05020627750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)5.0 mm20 mm75 cm27 atm14 atmETOYes
D05040627750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)5.0 mm40 mm75 cm27 atm14 atmETOYes
D06020625750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)6.0 mm20 mm75 cm25 atm14 atmETOYes
D06040625750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)6.0 mm40 mm75 cm25 atm14 atmETOYes1
D06100625750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)6.0 mm100 mm75 cm25 atm14 atmETOYes
D07020625750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)7.0 mm20 mm75 cm25 atm14 atmETOYes1
D0704062375S0.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)7.0 mm40 mm75 cm23 atm14 atmETOYes1
D07040625750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)7.0 mm40 mm75 cm25 atm14 atmETOYes1
D07060623750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)7.0 mm60 mm75 cm23 atm14 atmETOYes1
D07100623750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)7.0 mm100 mm75 cm23 atm14 atmETOYes1
D08020624750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)8.0 mm20 mm75 cm24 atm14 atmETOYes1
D0804062275S0.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)8.0 mm40 mm75 cm22 atm14 atmETOYes1
D08040624750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)8.0 mm40 mm75 cm24 atm14 atmETOYes1
D08060622750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)8.0 mm60 mm75 cm22 atm14 atmETOYes1
D08080622750.035" Wireguided6F (2.0 mm)8.0 mm80 mm75 cm22 atm14 atmETOYes1
D09040720750.035" Wireguided7F (2.3 mm)9.0 mm40 mm75 cm20 atm12 atmETOYes1
D10040720750.035" Wireguided7F (2.3 mm)10.0 mm40 mm75 cm20 atm12 atmETOYes1
D12040718750.035" Wireguided7F (2.3 mm)12.0 mm40 mm75 cm18 atm12 atmETOYes1
D14040816750.035" Wireguided8F (2.7 mm)14.0 mm40 mm75 cm16 atm10 atmETOYes1
D16040814750.035" Wireguided8F (2.7 mm)16.0 mm40 mm75 cm14 atm10 atmETOYes1