Performance at Every Curve

The majority of dialysis access-related blockages are located in the venous system, where the anatomy is tortuous and complex. The Dynamis AV™ facilitates the opening of blockages located in the arteriovenous system of dialysis patients. It is built on an 0.035″ OVER-THE-WIRE PLATFORM with up to 27 atm RBP and a 75 cm CATHETER SHAFT LENGTH*.

Rated Burst Pressure

14-27 atm to dilate resistant lesions

Radiopaque Marker Bands

Facilitate precise balloon positioning

Semi-compliant Nylon Balloon

Promotes vessel conformability and resists vessel straightening

The high pressure Dynamis AV™ balloon is designed to dilate resistant lesions while conforming to the vessel, as demonstrated in the case studies below.**



Dynamis AV™ is part of the Merit family of Dialysis Access Products: introducers, guide wires, inflation devices, snare systems, suture and compression devices.

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