Impress® Hydrophilic Diagnostic UAC2™ Uterine Artery Catheter

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Impress Hydrophilic Diagnostic UAC2 Uterine Artery Catheter - Merit Medical


The newly improved Impress Uterine Artery Catheter is designed to catheterize even the most challenging uterine vasculature.

Features & Benefits

Tapered Tip

5f to 4f taper

Tapered from a 5F to a 4F for improved placement when seeking vessel ostium.

Legato Hydrophilic Coating

legato logo

Legato hydrophilic coating is designed to reduce friction for smoother navigation through tortuous anatomy.

Radiopaque Marker Band

radiopaque marker band for uac2

For improved visibility.

Proprietary Shaft Material

uterine artery catheter shaft

For flexibility and torque without compromising steerability and kink-ability.

Catheter Hub

catheter hub

Minimizes kinking and enhances steering.


Discover more about the Impress® Hydrophilic Diagnostic UAC2™ Uterine Artery Catheter by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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