Is HeRO® Right For Me?

Is HeRO Graft right for me? Hear Kaaren discuss her experience with the HeRO Graft
Hear Kaaren explain the benefits of receiving a HeRO Graft and how being catheter-free has changed her life.


“The HeRO Graft was kind of a relief to have available as an option, because I didn’t have many options left.” – Kaaren

You might be a good candidate for the HeRO Graft if you have damaged or blocked central veins and you are:

  • Catheter-dependent for dialysis
  • Failing a fistula or graft
  • Unable to achieve your doctor’s prescribed blood flow rates
  • Unable to reach target Kt/V clearances during dialysis (KDOQI target clearances, Kt/V=1.4)

Next Steps:

Contact your doctor and discuss the HeRO Graft product as a potential solution.