Thrombectomy of HeRO Graft with Dr. John R. Ross
Watch Dr. John R. Ross perform a thrombectomy procedure of the HeRO Graft.

  • Introduce a 7F short vascular sheath near the arterial anastomosis
  • Inflate a soft, compliant, embolectomy balloon at the radiopaque marker band of the 5mm outflow component. DO NOTadvance the balloon beyond the radiopaque marker band to avoid dislodgment of the Venous Outflow Component.
  • Pull balloon back to device connector.  Apply positive aspiration while deflating the balloon by approximately 10%.  Failure to deflate the balloon may result in balloon perforation as the catheter passes through the HeRO Graft titanium connector.
  • Pull balloon through the connector and reinflate within the 6mm graft.
  • Extract clot at the introducer site.
  • Declot the full length of HeRO Graft prior to removing the arterial plug to decrease risk of pulmonary embolism.

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