HeRO® Graft: Arterial Plug Removal

Arterial Plug Removal - HeRO Graft Video
Watch Dr. John R. Ross perform a thrombectomy procedure of the HeRO Graft.

  • Thrombectomy With Balloon - Arterial Plug Removal - HeRO GraftChoose a Fogarty® (Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, Irvine, CA) embolectomy balloon sized for the artery (3-4mm) and insert past the arterial plug.
  • Inflate the balloon, “pop” the arterial plug, then pull back to the introducer site.
  • Extract the arterial plug, then confirm flow and patency throughout the device. Ultrasound may be used to assess flow.
  • Reconfirm placement of the device connector and Venous Outflow Component tip via fluoroscopy.


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