HeRO Graft - Hemodialysis Reliable Outflow

Ordering Information

HeRO Graft Components

Venous Outflow Component

Product Code: HeRO 1001
Diameter: 5mm
Length: 40cm (customizable)

Arterial Graft Component

Product Code: HeRO 1002
Diameter: 6mm (ePTFE); 6mm – 5mm, 2.5° taper (connector)
Length:  53cm

Accessory Component Kit

Product Code: HeRO 1003

  • 10F delivery stylet
  • 12F and 16F dilators
  • 20F peel away sheath with dilator (long and short options)
  • Disposable clamp
  • Hemostasis plug
  • Y-adapter with 1-way stopcock

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