The HeRO Graft consists of the Venous Outflow Component* (HERO 1001).

Additionally, in order to implant the HeRO Graft Venous Outflow Component, the Accessory Component Kit ‡ (HERO 1003) is required.

HeRO Graft Options

Venous Outflow
Component (VOC)*
HERO 1001
Arterial Graft
Component (AGC)*
HERO 1002
Component Kit
HERO 1003
  1. *Sold separately.
  2. ‡ Accessory Component Kit is sold separately and provides instruments and accessories that may aid in the placement of the HeRO Graft.

Venous Outflow Component

The HeRO Graft Venous Outflow Component has a 5mm ID, 19F (6.3mm) OD, and is 40cm long. It consists of radiopaque silicone with braided nitinol reinforcement (for kink and crush resistance) and a radiopaque marker band at the distal tip.

Key Features

  • No venous anastomosis
  • Reinforced 48 braid nitinol: kink & crush resistant
  • Removable and replaceable
  • Radiopaque band (at distal tip)

Arterial Graft Component

The HeRO Graft Arterial Graft Component has a 6mm inner diameter (ID), 7.4mm outer diameter (OD), and is 53cm long, inclusive of the connector. It consists of an ePTFE hemodialysis graft with PTFE beading to provide kink resistance near the proprietary titanium connector. The titanium connector attaches the Arterial Graft Component to the Venous Outflow Component and has a 6mm to 5mm (ID). The Arterial Graft Component is cannulated using standard technique according to KDOQI guidelines.

Key Features

  • Beading (3-4cm) for kink resistance
  • Orientation line on graft to guide placement during tunneling
  • Titanium connector

Accessory Component Kit

The Accessory Component Kit provides instruments and accessories that may aid in the placement of the HeRO Graft Venous Outflow Component.


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