BowTie™ Guide Wire Insertion Device

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Features & Benefits

The BowTie has two funneled ends to facilitate alignment of devices and micro guide wires. Simply insert your device, such as a mini access introducer, in one end of the BowTie and then place over your micro guide wire. After alignment, the BowTie is easily removed through a specially designed, tear-away slit. Merit Medical is proud to offer this easy, efficient product designed for “Making Ends Meet™” during your procedures.


BowTie - step 1

Insert the device halfway into the BowTie.


BowTie - Step 2

Place the BowTie and device over the proximal end of the micro guide wire.


BowTie - Step 3

Remove the BowTie after “making ends meet.”


Discover more about the BowTie™ Guide Wire Insertion Device by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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