The StabiliT® Introducer offers easy and safe percutaneous access to bone.

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Optimized Radiolucency

Optimizing radiolucency characteristics to minimize imaging obstruction.

Ergonomic Handle Design

Comfortable ergonomic design for ease of use and intraoperative manipulation.

Pad Printing

Bold and distinctive pad printing of the tip configuration and directional indicator to increase clarity.

Depth Markings

Depth markings on the cannula shaft every 1 cm to assist with intraoperative positioning and manipulation.

• Full product line compatibility with existing and future products, including all StabiliT®, STAR, and Osseoflex product lines.*

• Established length and tip configuration options.

*Osseoflex product line is size compatible only. Imaging should be used to asses positioning within the vertebra (existing Osseolfex Balloon and Steerable Needle markings shouldn’t be used).

Catalog Number Length Tip Configuration
1472 Long – 12 cm Trocar
1467 Long – 12 cm Bevel
1493 Short – 10 cm Trocar
1488 Short – 10 cm Bevel