Muscle Biopsy Needle

Muscle Biopsy Needle features and benefits include:

  • Connection for syringe aspiration
  • Bergstrom-style needle tip designed for blunt access
  • Ability to take several samples through one percutaneous route
  • Ergonomic handle allows for a good grip
  • Triangular mark on the distal stylet handle indicates the orientation of the biopsy window

Box Quantity: 1

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Catalog NumberExpanded Family NameSizeGaugeLengthSterilizationLatex FreeShipping Box Qty
KDPD1110Perforating Bone Biopsy System with DrillDouble11G10 cmETOYes1
KDPD1115Perforating Bone Biopsy System with DrillDouble11G15 cmETOYes1
KDPD1165Perforating Bone Biopsy System with DrillDouble11G6.5 cmETOYes1
KDPD1185Perforating Bone Biopsy System with DrillDouble11G8.5 cmETOYes1
KDPD139Perforating Bone Biopsy System with DrillDouble13G9 cmETOYes1

* Cannula length refers to the working needle only and does not include additional handle length
* Not available for sale in the United States or Canada.