Perform biopsies with confidence and convenience

The original Temno™ biopsy device promotes easy, reliable and precise sampling for breast, kidney, liver, lung and thyroid biopsies. The biopsy device is conveniently available with or without coaxial introducer needle.

Learn More About Original Temno™ Biopsy Device

Quality samples
The system features a 20 mm sample notch.

Advanced design
The lightweight, compact design may help reduce tissue shear.

Ultrasound/CT imaging compatibility
Echogenic cannula markings allow precise ultrasound positioning, and centimeter markings assist needle placement.

Flexible sizing
The device comes in a wide range of gauges and sizes including 14 to 22 G.

Cat. no. Biopsy needle size needle with introducer cat. no. Introducer needle size Usable length
22G T226 22G x 6cm
T229 22G x 9cm
T2215 22G x 15cm CT2215 20G x 10cm 9cm
20G T206 20G x 6cm
T209 20G x 9cm
T2011 20G x 11cm CT2011 19G x 6cm 5cm
T2015 20G x 15cm CT2015 19G x 10cm 9cm
T2020 20G x 20cm CT2020 19G x 15cm 14cm
18G T186 18G x 6cm
T189 18G x 9cm
T1811 18G x 11cm CT1811 17G x 6cm 5cm
T1815 18G x 15cm CT1815 17G x 10cm 9cm
T1820 18G x 20cm CT1820 17G x 15cm 14cm
16G T166 16G x 6cm
T169 16G x 9cm
T1611 16G x 11cm CT1611 15G x 6cm 5cm
T1615 16G x 15cm CT1615 15G x 10cm 9cm
T1620 16G x 20cm CT1620 15G x 15cm 14cm
14G T146 14G x 6cm
T149 14G x 9cm
T1411 14G x 11cm CT1411 13.5G x 6cm 5cm
T1415 14G x 15cm CT1415 13.5G x 10cm 9cm
T1420 14G x 20cm CT1420 13.5G x 15cm 14cm