For ease and confidence when accessing uterine arteries, the improved Impress UAC2 Uterine Artery Catheter is designed to catheterize even the most challenging uterine vasculature.

  • Impress UAC2 Diagnostic Catheter - Merit Medical

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Radiopaque Marker Band

Improved visibility under fluoroscopy

Impress UAC2 - Radiopaque Marker
Impress UAC2 - Tip

Tapered from 5F to 4F

Improved placement when seeking vessel ostium

Hydrophilic Coating

Hydrophilic coating on the distal 40 cm of the catheter shaft — including tip

Impress UAC2 - Transition

Legato hydrophilic coating is designed to reduce friction for smoother navigation through tortuous anatomy.
Legato Logo - Impress UAC2 Diagnostic Catheter

Proprietary Shaft Material for flexibility and torque without compromising steerability and kink-ability.
Flexibility - Impress UAC2 Diagnostic Catheter

Catheter Hub minimizes kinking and enhances steering.
Catheter Hub - Impress UAC2 Diagnostic Catheter

Extended braiding up the distal portion of the catheter shaft for additional support and push-ability
Impress UAC2 Diagnostic Catheter - Extended Braiding - Merit Medical

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Catalog NumberBraidedFrench Size (F)LengthLabel Short DescriptionCatheter ShapeInternal Diameter# Side PortsRecommended Guide WireMarker Bands and SpacingHCPCS Code
59035IUACTMB-HBraided5F90 cmUAC 19cmTaper-HUterine Artery Catheter0.046" (1.17 mm)0 Side Ports0.035" (0.89 mm)1 BandNo Applicable Code
OC414038SIM2-HBraided4F140 cmSIM 2Simmons 20.040" (1.02 mm)0 Side Ports0.038" (0.97 mm)No Applicable Code
OC414038SIM3-HBraided4F140 cmSIM 3Simmons 30.040" (1.02 mm)0 Side Ports0.038" (0.97 mm)No Applicable Code