A digital inflation device specifically designed for biliary dilation balloons. This inflation device is a 20 mL disposable device capable of producing a maximum pressure of 30 ATM. It features an easy-to-read luminescent display for low-light procedures. The gold standard inflation device for interventional balloon inflation – with over 10 million devices used worldwide.


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The basixCOMPAK offers 30 atm pressure and 20 mL volume and can be packaged with a wide variety of angioplasty kits and procedure packs.

  • Analog pressure gauge, Low force required to turn handle to higher pressures. Functions the same as Big60® and BasixCompak® allows for easy cross-training.
Catalog NumberPressure GaugePressure Rating (atm)Size (mL)Packaged
ENDO-AN2030Analog30205 units