Headshot of Rear Admiral (Ret) Stephan Evans - member of the MMSI Board of Directors



Admiral Evans prior leadership experiences involved cybersecurity oversight; this experience is of particular importance as we seek to build secure & effective systems.

Director Since: 2021

Committees: Audit; Compensation & Talent Development

Other Public Boards: Alarm.com Holdings, Inc.

Education: M.A., U.S. Naval War College (National Security Affairs); B.A., The Citadel

Career Highlights
– Served in the United States Navy, leading US and Coalition forces around the world, before retiring in 2020. During more than 20 years of service in the United States Navy, Admiral Evans held a variety of leadership positions, including Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Navy, Deputy U.S. Military Representative, NATO Military Committee; Commander, George H. W. Bush Carrier Strike Group; and Commander, Naval Service Training Command.
– Served on diplomatic missions in over 64 countries, delivering results in international diplomacy and military relations to establish enduring, productive global partnerships.
– Commanded U.S. naval forces in six operational theaters.
– Served in a senior strategic advisory role to the 75th Secretary of the Navy.
– Represented the U.S. in deliberations and actions of NATO, providing counsel to Heads of State in Europe and around the world.

Qualifications of Particular Relevance to Merit
Admiral Evans possesses extensive experience in handling complex, international relationships. His prior leadership experiences, particularly within the last two decades, involved extensive cybersecurity oversight, and he has broad experience in anticipating and identifying cyber risks and digital vulnerabilities. Admiral Evans’ cybersecurity experience is of particular importance to the Company as we seek to secure our information technology and build secure and effective information systems and to assess and mitigate potential cybersecurity risk.