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The True Form™ Reshapable Guidewire is an 0.014″ guidewire that has been designed with the ability to be shaped and reshaped multiple times for vessel cannulation.1

  • Shapeable tip retains shape during procedures
  • Stainless steel core gives excellent support for devices
  • Hydrophilic coating to increase trackability through vessels
  • Flexible shaft to navigate tortuous anatomy

“The ability of the True Form Guidewire to be shaped multiple times and keep its shape allows me to use the same guidewire, decreasing the need to use additional guidewires.”1

-Shinichi Hori, M.D., PhD.
Chief Physician and Director,
Gate Tower Institute for Image Guided Therapy

Compatible With

SwiftNINJA® Steerable Microcatheter
Merit Maestro® Microcatheters
EmboCath™ Plus Microcatheter

The True Form Reshapable Guidewire can be purchased prepackaged with the Merit Maestro Microcatheter 2.4. Ordering Information.

Dr. Hori is a paid consultant of Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

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Ordering Information

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Catalog NumberExpanded Family Name1Diameter (O.D.)LengthTip ShapeConfigurationFlexible Tip LengthCore AbbreviationSurface CoatingHCPCS CodeGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
TF14145STrue Form™ Reshapable Guide Wire0.014" (0.36 mm)145 cm (57")Straight TipStandard2.0 cmFHydrophilic CoatedC176929786008844502978651088445029786220884450297869
TF14165STrue Form™ Reshapable Guide Wire0.014" (0.36 mm)165 cm (65")Straight TipStandard2.0 cmFHydrophilic CoatedC176929783008844502978341088445029783120884450297838
TF14180ATrue Form™ Reshapable Guide Wire0.014" (0.36 mm)180 cm (71")Angled TipStandard2.0 cmFHydrophilic CoatedC176929785008844502978581088445029785520884450297852
TF14180STrue Form™ Reshapable Guide Wire0.014" (0.36 mm)180 cm (71")Straight TipStandard2.0 cmFHydrophilic CoatedC176929784008844502978411088445029784820884450297845