The city of Venlo is situated in the province of Limburg in southeastern Netherlands near the German border and is the second largest city in the province after Maastricht. Venlo can be reached from several airports in both the Netherlands and Germany. With noteworthy industrial roots, Venlo plays an important role in medical device manufacturing.

There is a wide range of attractions in Venlo for locals to enjoy. Along the River Meuse is the Maasboulevard, a contemporary space with a gorgeous view that offers many shops and dining opportunities. The Limburgs Museum holds a diverse collection of paintings and films any history buff can appreciate. And just outside of Venlo, families can visit Toverland, a magical-themed amusement park for both the young and the young at heart.

Acquired in 2005, the Venlo facility prides itself on the production of high-quality coated wires that are then used in guide wire manufacturing. Over 30 employees work at Merit Venlo and enjoy a unique work environment that encourages innovative thinking and sharing ideas. Outside of work, Venlo offers locals a rich history as well as modern attractions throughout the city.


Cutting-Edge Coating Technology
Merit Venlo specializes in manufacturing coated wires that are then made into guide wires at Merit Galway. Using reel-to-reel coating technology, coated wires produced at Merit Venlo have advantages over wires manufactured via traditional spray coating.

Capacity for Growth
The coated wires and diagnostic guide wires manufactured at Merit Venlo and Galway, respectively, account for approximately 15%–20% of the world’s need—a market that’s continuously growing.

Process Development
Unlike other Merit facilities that focus on product development, Merit Venlo concentrates on process development. This leaves room for ongoing innovation and investment in its field.

Unique Work Environment
Because Merit Venlo is a small facility, it creates a unique professional camaraderie. Employees have labeled the facility’s environment as “innovative” and an “open culture,” one where thinking outside the box and exchanging ideas is encouraged.

History and Culture
Venlo is home to historic structures built hundreds of years ago, showcasing a range of breathtaking architectural styles. For those who want a contemporary view of the city, Venlo offers various shops, cafés, and restaurants.

Giving Back
In addition to being part of an industry that touches countless lives, Merit Venlo participates in community initiatives, such as sponsoring puzzle books for children in local hospitals and transportation for people with disabilities in Venlo.