Merit has a broad portfolio of Thermodilution and Pulmonary Arterial Catheters which utilize multiple lumens to meet advanced monitoring needs. While Merit’s unique Safety-Wedge prevents over-pressurization and potential pulmonary artery rupture, the contamination shield provides an additional barrier for infection control.

Thermodilution and Pulmonary Artery Catheters
Product CodeFrench SizeLumensLengthAccepted Guide WireSpecial FeaturesUnits Per Box
PVC Material / Standard
4975376F4110 cm.025″ WireSafety Wedge / Sleeve5
4975217F4110 cm.025″ WireSafety Wedge / Sleeve5
4975397F4110 cm.025″ WireSafety Wedge5
4975267F4110 cm.025″ Wire5
4975207.5F5110 cm.025″ WireSafety Wedge / Sleeve5
PVC Material / S-Curve Tip
4975347F4110 cm.025″ WireSafety Wedge / Sleeve5
4975367F4110 cm.025″ Wire5
PVC Material / Soft Body
4975317.5F5110 cm.025″ WireSafety Wedge / Sleeve5
Polyurethane Material / Standard
TD2504NDXF5F490 cm.018″ WireSafety Wedge5
TD2604NDXF6F4110 cm.025″ WireSafety Wedge5
TD2604NXF6F4110 cm.025″ Wire5
TD2704NDXF7F4110 cm.025″ WireSafety Wedge / Sleeve5
TD2704NXF7F4110 cm.025″ Wire5
TD2755NDXF7.5F5110 cm.025″ WireSafety Wedge / Sleeve5
TD2755NDPXF7.5F5110 cm.025″ WireSafety Wedge / Paceport5
TD2755NXF7.5F5110 cm.025″ Wire5
Polyurethane Material / S-Curve Tip
TD2704NCXF7F4110 cm.025″ Wire5
Polyurethane Material / Soft Body
TD2755NX7.5F5110 cm.025″ Wire5
Product CodeFrench SizeLumensLengthAccepted Guide WireUnits Per Box
PVC Material
4975276F2110 cm.025″ Wire5
4975237F2110 cm.025″ Wire5
4975407F2110 cm.035″ Wire5
Polyurethane Material
TD2502NXF5F290 cm.018″ Wire5
TD2602NXF6F2110 cm.025″ Wire5
TD2702NXF7F2110 cm.025″ Wire5
CL2702NXF7F2110 cm.025″ Wire5
TD2703NF7F3110 cm.025″ Wire5