Merit SureCross™ Support Catheters

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Crossing tight, difficult lesions is often challenging and time consuming. Having a support catheter that offers trackability, pushability and visibility gives you the confidence needed to cross occlusions, even in your most challenging case.

Features & Benefits

Translucent Shaft

for visualization of blood to verify placement in vessel lumen

3 Platinum Marker Bands

to confirm catheter position and lesion sizing

  • First marker band 2 mm from tip
  • 0.014” and 0.018” second and third marker bands are 15 mm apart
  • 0.035” second and third marker bands are 50 mm apart

40 cm Distal Hydrophilic Coating

provides smooth tracking through tortuous anatomy

Low Profile Tapered Tip

facilitates crossing difficult lesions

Maximum Infusion Pressure


Guide Wire Compatibility

0.014”, 0.018”, 0.035”

Multiple Lengths

65 cm, 90 cm, 135 cm, 150 cm


SureCross Tip Design

  • Short tip distance to marker band (2 mm) maximizes accuracy of tip location and enhances tip radiopacity
  • Internal platinum distal marker band provides a seamless transition zone
  • Marker band improves critical tip visualization
  • Robust tapered tip improves crossing and durability
  • Excellent transition from catheter tip to guide wire


SureCross Shaft Technology

Engineered to optimize pushability and flexibility which maximizes guide wire support, trackability and lesion crossing.

Tip to Guide Wire Comparison

The low profile, seamless transition from catheter to guide wire provides exceptional crossing support.


Discover more about the SureCross Support Catheters by reviewing the brochure and Instructions for Use.

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Catalog NumberTrademarkMax. Guide Wire DiameterMax. Guide Wire (mm)Effective LengthHydrophilic Coating LengthMarker Band SpacingTip ProfileTip Profile (mm)Tip Profile (F)Min. Guiding CatheterMax. Cath. ODMax. Cath. OD (mm)Min. Introducer SheathBowTie OptionFlow Rate Saline 150psiFlow Rate Saline 300psiFlow Rate Contrast 150psiFlow Rate Contrast 300psiSterilizationLatex FreeLogo (File)HCPCS CodeShipping Box QtyGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
SC14135SureCross0.014"(0.36 mm)135 cm40 cm15 mm0.020"(0.51 mm)1.5F5F0.039"(0.99 mm)4FIncludes BowTie™0.8 mL/sec1.1 mL/sec0.3 mL/sec0.4 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogo5
SC14150SureCross0.014"(0.36 mm)150 cm40 cm15 mm0.020"(0.51 mm)1.5F5F0.039"(0.99 mm)4FIncludes BowTie™0.6 mL/sec1.1 mL/sec0.2 mL/sec0.4 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogo5
SC1465SureCross0.014"(0.36 mm)65 cm40 cm15 mm0.020"(0.51 mm)1.5F5F0.039"(0.99 mm)4FIncludes BowTie™1.3 mL/sec1.5 mL/sec0.4 mL/sec1.0 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogo5
SC1490SureCross0.014"(0.36 mm)90 cm40 cm15 mm0.020"(0.51 mm)1.5F5F0.039"(0.99 mm)4FIncludes BowTie™0.9 mL/sec1.3 mL/sec0.4 mL/sec0.8 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogo5
SC18135SureCross0.018"(0.46 mm)135 cm40 cm15 mm0.023"(0.58 mm)1.7F5F0.044"(1.12 mm)4FIncludes BowTie™1.2 mL/ sec1.5 mL/sec0.5 mL/sec1.1 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogoC18915
SC18150SureCross0.018"(0.46 mm)150 cm40 cm15 mm0.023"(0.58 mm)1.7F5F0.044"(1.12 mm)4FIncludes BowTie™1.1 mL/ sec1.6 mL/sec0.6 mL/sec1.0 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogo5
SC1865SureCross0.018"(0.46 mm)65 cm40 cm15 mm0.023"(0.58 mm)1.7F5F0.044"(1.12 mm)4FIncludes BowTie™1.9 mL/sec2.6 mL/sec0.8 mL/sec1.6 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogo5
SC1890SureCross0.018"(0.46 mm)90 cm40 cm15 mm0.023"(0.58 mm)1.7F5F0.044"(1.12 mm)4FIncludes BowTie™1.6 mL/sec2.1 mL/sec0.7 mL/sec1.4 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogo5
SC35135SureCross0.035"(0.89 mm)135 cm40 cm50 mm0.041"(1.04 mm)3.1F6F0.062"(1.57 mm)5F5.5 mL/sec8.0 mL/sec4.2 mL/sec6.1 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogo5
SC35150SureCross0.035"(0.89 mm)150 cm40 cm50 mm0.041"(1.04 mm)3.1F6F0.062"(1.57 mm)5F5.2 mL/sec7.7 mL/sec3.9 mL/sec5.9 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogo5
SC3565SureCross0.035"(0.89 mm)65 cm40 cm50 mm0.041"(1.04 mm)3.1F6F0.062"(1.57 mm)5F7.9 mL/sec11.0 mL/sec6.2 mL/sec8.6 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogoC18975
SC3590SureCross0.035"(0.89 mm)90 cm40 cm50 mm0.041"(1.04 mm)3.1F6F0.062"(1.57 mm)5F6.6 mL/sec9.8 mL/sec5.0 mL/sec6.8 mL/secETOYesSurecrosslogo5