Offers the Convenience of One-Handed Prep

The DiamondTOUCH™ Digital Inflation Device combines the visibility and accuracy of a digital device with the convenience of an ergonomic one-handed prep handle.

Digital Gauge

  • One button functionality for simplicity and ease of use
  • Large dial face with oversized time and pressure digits to enhance visibility
  • Last inflation mark recalls the highest pressure of the previous inflation
  • High resolution from multiple angles

Speed and Performance

  • Rapid Inflation – Pressures can be reached rapidly – up to 35 atm with as few 3 rotations of the handle. *
  • Quick release ergonomic handle – Releases easily, even from high-pressure inflations.
  • One-handed preparation – Preparation made easy with unique one-handed air removal. Simply press the handle against a solid surface.


  • 30 mL syringe barrel accommodates additional fluid for larger balloons
  • 35 atm pressure capacity allows inflation of high pressure interventional balloons

Robust and Reliable

  • Strong components provide expanded capability with the security and confidence in performance that comes from using Merit products.

Box Quantity: 5

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Catalog NumberTrademarkPressure Rating (atm/bar)Volume (m L)Display TypeMAP Catalog NumberTubing Length (in/cm)Syringe Body MaterialSterilizationLatex FreeHCPCS CodeShipping Box Qty
IN9135DiamondTOUCH™35 atm/bar30 mLDigital13" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYesNo Applicable Code5
IN9152DiamondTOUCH™35 atm/bar30 mLDigitalMAP15213" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYesNo Applicable Code5
IN9KVCFDiamondTOUCH™ Syringe35 atm/bar30 mLDigital36' (91.44 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes5
IN9VCFDiamondTOUCH™ Syringe35 atm/bar30 mLDigital36' (91.44 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes1