DiamondTOUCH™ Digital Inflation Device

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The DiamondTOUCH Digital Inflation Device combines the visibility and accuracy of a digital device with the convenience of an ergonomic one-handed prep handle.

Features & Benefits

Digital Guage

  • One button functionality for simplicity and ease of use
  • Large dial face with oversized time and pressure digits to enhance visibility
  • Last inflation mark recalls the highest pressure of the previous inflation
  • High resolution from multiple angles

Speed & Performance

  • Rapid Inflation – Pressures can be reached rapidly – up to 35 atm with as few 3 rotations of the handle. *
  • Quick release ergonomic handle – Releases easily, even from high-pressure inflations.
  • One-handed preparation – Preparation made easy with unique one-handed air removal. Simply press the handle against a solid surface.


  • 30 mL syringe barrel accommodates additional fluid for larger balloons
  • 35 atm pressure capacity allows inflation of high pressure interventional balloons

Robust & Reliable

  • Strong components provide expanded capability with the security and confidence in performance that comes from using Merit products.


Discover more about the DiamondTOUCH by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.

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Catalog NumberTrademarkPressure Rating (atm/bar)Volume (mL)Display TypeMAP Catalog NumberTubing Length (in/cm)Syringe Body MaterialSterilizationLatex FreeHCPCS CodeShipping Box QtyGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
IN9135DiamondTOUCH™35 atm/bar30 mLDigital13" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYesNo Applicable Code5
IN9152DiamondTOUCH™35 atm/bar30 mLDigitalMAP15213" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYesNo Applicable Code5
IN9KVCFDiamondTOUCH™ Syringe35 atm/bar30 mLDigital36'' (91.44 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes5
IN9VCFDiamondTOUCH™ Syringe35 atm/bar30 mLDigital36'' (91.44 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes1