The Next Generation of Elightenment

The Blue Diamond combines the accuracy of a digital device with the simplicity of analog systems.

  • One button functionality for simplicity and ease of use
  • Large dial face with oversize time and pressure digits to enhance visibility of critical information
  • Last inflation mark recalls the highest pressure of the previous inflation
  • High resolution display for visualization from multiple angles

Box Quantity: 5

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Catalog NumberTrademarkPressure Rating (atm/bar)Volume (m L)Display TypeMAP Catalog NumberTubing Length (in/cm)Syringe Body MaterialSterilizationLatex FreeShipping Box Qty
IN7112Blue Diamond™30 atm/bar20 mLDigitalMAP11213" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes5
IN7130Blue Diamond™30 atm/bar20 mLDigital13" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes5
IN7152Blue Diamond™30 atm/bar20 mLDigitalMAP15213" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes5
IN7352Blue Diamond™30 atm/bar20 mLDigitalMAP35213" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes5
IN7403Blue Diamond™30 atm/bar20 mLDigitalMAP40313" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes5
IN7802Blue Diamond™30 atm/bar20 mLDigitalMAP80213" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes5
IN7852Blue Diamond™30 atm/bar20 mLDigitalMAP85213" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateETOYes5