ASAP® and ASAPLP™ Aspiration Catheters

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ASAP® and ASAPLP™ Aspiration Catheter Kits are designed for the efficient removal of fresh, soft emboli and thrombi from vessels of the arterial system.

  • Maximum Deliverability Hydrophilic coating promotes smooth vessel navigation.
  • Exceptional Wire Trackability Rapid exchange catheter designed to save time.
  • Rapid Aspiration Large aspiration lumen supports fast thrombus evacuation.
  • Enhanced Angiographic Visualization Depth markers and a radiopaque tip facilitate target vessel treatment.
  • Smooth Transitions Tapered tip helps to maneuver through blockages.

Tailored to streamline procedures, ASAP and ASAPLP Aspiration Catheter Kits provide quality products you need to deliver powerful clot aspiration, restoring and improving blood flow in thrombosed vessels.1 Each kit contains:

  • 1 – ASAP or ASAPLP aspiration catheter*
  • 1 – Extension Tubing Set with One-Way Stopcock, 21.5 cm total length
  • 1 – RXP® Flushing Syringe, 4 mL
  • 2 – VacLok® Vacuum Pressure Syringe, 30 mL
  • 1 – MicroStop Fluid Collection Basin with Lid
  • 2 – Pore Filter Baskets, 70 micron

Built with 100% stainless steel, the ASAP and ASAPLP Aspiration Catheters’ braided technology breaks through clots without kinking, facilitating improved blood flow (TIMI ≥2)1

Remove clots safely, quickly, and effectively with ASAP and ASAPLP Aspiration Catheters.

Large Thrombus Burden, Pre Aspiration

No Thrombus, Post Aspiration with ASAP

1 Data on file.

* ASAPLP comes with a stiffening stylet preloaded in the aspiration lumen of the catheter.


Discover more about the ASAP® and ASAPLP™ Aspiration Catheter Kits by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.

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Catalog NumberExpanded Family NameFluid Capacity (mL)French Size (F)Catheter Usable Working LengthExpanded Family Name1Single Positioning Marker (I)Double Positioning Marker (II)Temporary Sharps HolderTriple Positioning Marker(III)FilterRapid Exchange LengthSeal-Tight LidRadiopaque Marker BandGuide Wire CompatibilityHydrophilic CoatingSterilizationLatex FreeShipping Box QtyGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
ASAP100Aspiration CatheterGCID 6F ≥ 0.070" (1.78 mm)55" (140 cm)90 cm100 cm110 cm12 cm2 mm Proximal to Catheter Tip0.014" (0.36 mm)20 cm Distal CatheterETOYes1
ASAPLPAspiration CatheterGCID 6F ≥ 0.066" (1.68 mm)60" (145 cm)90 cm100 cm110 cm20 cm2 mm Proximal to Catheter Tip0.014" (0.36 mm)30 cm Distal CatheterETOYes1
MMSF200100 mLMiniStop® Filter, DisposalNo70 MicronYesETOYes20