Features & Benefits

The HeartSpan Steerable Sheath Introducer is designed to offer a softer, flexible tip to reduce the risk of atrial wall perforation. The braided construction provides kink resistance and curve durability during Atrial Fibrillation procedures. When navigating cardiac chambers during Electrophysiology (EP) procedures, the sheath is designed to deliver an ergonomic and comfortable control for more precise deflection. The Steerable Sheath is designed to work in unison with the HeartSpan Transseptal Needle.

Extend Your Control heartspan diagram 1

  • Softer atraumatic tip reduces risk of atrial wall perforation
  • Smooth transition from dilator to work in unison with the HeartSpan Transseptal Needle
  • Low crossing profile from dilator to sheath introducer
  • Responsive curve articulation for improved steerability
  • Braided construction for kink resistance and curve durability

Extend Your Coverage

  • Bidirection (180°) deflection for navigating difficult-to-reach areas
  • Small curl (16.4 mm) for navigating smaller spaces or tighter turns
  • Medium curl (22.4 mm) for universal navigation of cardiac anatomy
  • Large curl (36.0 mm) an additional option for navigating larger chambers

Extend Your Comfort

  • Ergonomic shape to reduce hand fatigue during longer procedures
  • Improved grip size for greater control

Product Features

  • Radiopaque marker band
  • Atraumatic tip
  • Lucricious coating on both inner and outer surfaces
  • Distal side holes to minimize cavitation
  • Smooth transitions for lower crossing profile
  • 3 shapes (small, medium, large)
  • 74 cm usable length
  • Braided construction
  • Side port with three-way stopcock
  • Hemostatic valve that reduces bleed back and air embolism, to minimize blood loss during catheter introduction and/or exchange

Kit Contents

  • 8.5F Steerable Sheath Introducer (1)
  • Dilator (1)
  • 0.032″ x 180 cm guide wire (1)
Ordering Information

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Catalog NumberTrademarkExpanded Family NameSheath French SizeLength (cm) UsableCurve AngleCurve Size (mm)
HST-085-00HeartSpan®HeartSpan® Steerable Sheath8.5F74 cmSmall16.4 mm
HST-085-10HeartSpan®HeartSpan® Steerable Sheath8.5F74 cmMedium22.4 mm
HST-085-20HeartSpan®HeartSpan® Steerable Sheath8.5F74 cmLarge50.0 mm