HeartSpan® Steerable Sheath Introducer

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The HeartSpan Steerable Sheath Introducer is designed to offer a softer, flexible tip to reduce the risk of atrial wall perforation. The braided construction provides kink resistance and curve durability during Atrial Fibrillation procedures. When navigating cardiac chambers during Electrophysiology (EP) procedures, the sheath is designed to deliver an ergonomic and comfortable control for more precise deflection. The Steerable Sheath is designed to work in unison with the HeartSpan Transseptal Needle.

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HeartSpan Steerable Sheath

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Features & Benefits

Hemostatic Valve

hemostatic valve

Reduces bleed back and air embolism

Side Port 3-Way Stopcock

Heart Span side port with stopcock

Allows for flushing and aspiration

Lubricious Coating

lubricous coating

Reduces friction when exchanging EP catheters

Distal Side Holes

distal side holes

Minimize cavitation

Braided Construction

braided construction

Provides curve durability and support needed for longer cases

Radiopaque Marker Bands

radiopaque marker band

For enhanced visibility under fluoroscopy

Atraumatic Tip

For smooth advancement across atrial septum


Ultra Low Profile

Seamless dilator to sheath transition for smooth advancement across the atrial septum.

Neutral Position Indicator

neutral position locator

With a tactile click at neutral position, move from 0° to 180° to achieve the desired curve within the atrial chamber.

Kit Contents

heartspan kit contents
  • (1) 8.5F Steerable Sheath Introducer
  • (1) Dilator
  • (1) 0.032″ x 180 cm guide wire


Discover more about the HeartSpan® Steerable Sheath Introducer by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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