HeartSpan® Fixed Curve Braided Transseptal Sheath

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The HeartSpan Fixed Curve Braided Transseptal Sheath is designed with a seamless dilator to sheath transition to assist with ease of femoral insertion as well as trauma reduction when crossing the atrial septum. Our braided sheath construction allows for curve durability and kink resistance during long procedures

Features & Benefits

Radiopaque Dialator

Enables visualization

Smooth Transition, Soft Tip

A smooth transition with an automatic distal tip by Merit

Atraumatic distal tip with seamless dilator to sheath transition for smooth advancement across the atrial septum

Embedded Platinum Marker

Heart Span marker for enhanced visibility

For enhanced visibility under fluoroscopy

Dual Side Holes

Heart Span has dual sized holes

Minimiza cavitation

Radiopaque Braided Sheath

Braided sheath core with Pebax

Braided steel core for controlled torqueability made with Pebax®

Lubricious Coating

lubricous coating

Reduces friction when exchanging EP catheters

3-Way Stopcock

Heart Span includes a 3-way stopcock

Allows for flushing and aspiration

Integrated Hemostasis Valve

Heart Span integrated hemostatic valve

Designed to reduce air introduction and backflow

Locking Dialator

Merit Medical's locking dilator

Sheath and dilator lock to provide a smooth crossing profile during transseptal puncture


12 curve options available for Heart Span


Discover more about the HeartSpan® Fixed Curve Braided Transseptal Sheath by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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