Vitale™ Occlusion Balloon

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Vitale Occlusion Balloon - Because Every Second Counts


SVC tears are rare, but when they occur every second counts. The Merit Vitale™ Occlusion Balloon maintains hemostasis for up to 30 minutes2 allowing time for patients to stabilize and transition to surgery. Faster inflation, faster deflation, and better kink resistance offers better outcomes for you and your patients.

Features & Benefits

Because every second matters

  • Faster inflation and faster deflation1
  • Premier kit components, giving you everything you need right at your fingertips
  • Offering an 8F balloon, providing hemostasis for up to 30 minutes2
  • Better kink resistance1, ensuring proper placement
Vitale SVC Occlusion Balloon - 8F - Smaller Size

8F Procedural Kit Contents

60 cc VacLok® Syringe

VacLok 60mL - Vacuum Pressure Syringe - Merit Medical

8F Prelude SNAP™ Hydrophilic Sheath Kits

Prelude SNAP Hydrophilic Sheath Kit - 8F

InQwire® Amplatz Guidewire

InQwire Amplatz Guide Wire


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