VacLok AT™ Vacuum Locking Syringe

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VacLok AT locking syringe by Merit Medical

Merit’s second generation vacuum locking syringe has over 90 locking positions for increased convenience and accuracy. Our patented locking plunger design eliminates the need to manually maintain a vacuum. Smooth glass-like polycarbonate with bold graduations. Custom printing and colors available.

Features & Benefits

See the Difference

  • Accurate filling
  • Clear Polycarbonate barrel
  • Large, stable finger wings
  • Bold graduations
  • Silicone plunger tip
  • Dual use – can be used as a vacuum syringe or as a standard syringe

Feel the Difference

  • Smooth glass plunger action
  • Even, steady operation
  • Larger grip
  • Skid resistant thumb pad
  • Plunger design holds negative pressure with ease and won’t inadvertently disengage


  • Available in two sizes: 20ml and 30ml
  • Multiple locking positions allows for multiple vacuum and volume settings


Step One

Activate pressure in VacLok AT by twisting plunger clockwise

To activate vacuum pressure, pull plunger back to desired location. Twist plunger clockwise until it stops and locks into place.

Step Two

disconnect vacuum pressure of VacLock AT

To disconnect vacuum pressure, twist plunger counter-clockwise until plunger stops.


Discover more about the VacLok AT™ Vacuum Locking Syringe by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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