CCS™ Coronary Control Syringes

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Merit Medical has designed a quality coronary control syringe with a clear barrel for clarity and smoothness and a solid plunger body to maintain stability and durability under pressure. The rotating and fixed luers allow flexibility and confidence in the luer connection. The specially designed safety space limits the potential for introducing air bubbles into the catheter. The CCS locking ring permits vacuum or negative pressure. The Inject8™ and Inject10n™ offer clinicians more pressure with less applied force.

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CCS™ Coronary Control Syringe Demonstration

CCS™ Coronary Control Syringe Demonstration

Features & Benefits

Since 1987 Merit Medical has been manufacturing and selling a variety of coronary control syringes. With years of experience, Merit has designed and created quality control syringes with features that continue to meet ever changing clinical expectations.

Clear Barrel

Provides exceptional clarity and smooth as glass feel

Solid Plunger Body

Maintains stability and durability under pressure

Rotating and Fixed Luers

Allow for flexibility and confidence in luer connection

Safety Space

Intended to minimize the potential of air bubbles introduced into the catheter

Locking Ring Option

Allows for a vacuum or negative pressure to be maintained

Smart Tip Option

Creates a unique and smooth feel during injection

Inject8 Inject10n

The evolution of the coronary control syringe has now provided two revolutionary syringe designs. The Inject8 and Inject10n allow clinicians to generate more pressure with less applied force, resulting in:

  • Improved visualization with less contrast
  • Increased flow through smaller French sized catheters
  • Decreased hand fatigue
  • Smaller ID barrels require less force and reduce hand fatigue during injections.



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