Features & Benefits

The TRAM-P features an integrated transducer on the port closest to the rotating adapter with a pressure monitoring line off the compensation port to allow pressure readings at any level.  By positioning the compensation line on an IV pole rather than on a table, the TRAM-P manifold maintains a constant calibrated reading. With this configuration, the TRAM-P manifold can be moved to any position without affecting the accuracy of the pressure reading. Features comfortable wide spaced finger grips.

Ordering Information

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Catalog NumberProduct FamilyTrademarkExpanded Family Name1Expanded Family Name2PortsPressure Rating (psi/bar)CompensatedPort SpacingHandle TypeHCPCS CodeGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
503LTCHF-RManifoldMerit® ManifoldWide Manifold with IntegralPressure Transducer3 Port500 psi (34 bar)CompensatedStandardLow Torque OFF HandleNo Applicable Code03430008844500343091088445003430620884450034303