The TRAM-P features an integrated transducer on the port closest to the rotating adapter with a pressure monitoring line off the compensation port to allow pressure readings at any level.  By positioning the compensation line on an IV pole rather than on a table, the TRAM-P manifold maintains a constant calibrated reading. With this configuration, the TRAM-P manifold can be moved to any position without affecting the accuracy of the pressure reading. Features comfortable wide spaced finger grips.

Your bottom line is convenience. Enjoy the convenience of custom designing your own kit with our feature-rich products to support your unique clinical requirements. Merit Medical offers an array of high-value fluid management products and angiography accessories to help you save time and money and to keep pace with your procedural volumes.

Merit’s new TRAM manifold with an integrated transducer conveniently located on the first port gives a single operator the ability to de-bubble, zero and re-zero within the sterile field. Increase comfort and reduce hand fatigue with our low-torque, easy-to-turn wide-spaced handles.