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The TRAM manifold with integral transducer gives a single operator the convenience to debubble, zero, and rezero within the sterile field. The TRAM has optimized clinician comfort by reducing hand fatigue with low torque, easy-to-turn wide-spaced handles, even when utilizing higher injection pressures. Bring control to the sterile field by using the TRAM manifold with integral transducer for accurate pressure readings.

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Catalog NumberProduct FamilyTrademarkExpanded Family Name1Expanded Family Name2PortsPressure Rating (psi/bar)Port SpacingHandle TypeGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
202LTPHWF-RManifoldMerit® ManifoldWide Manifold with IntegralPressure Transducer2 Port200 psi (14 bar)WideLow Torque OFF Handle09117008844500911731088445009117020884450091177
203LTPHWN-RManifoldMerit® ManifoldWide Manifold with IntegralPressure Transducer3 Port200 psi (14 bar)WideLow Torque ON Handle03417008844500341701088445003417720884450034174