SPINR™ High-Performance Guidewire Controller

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The SPINR high-performance guidewire controller can help when accessing distal anatomy, navigating tortuous vessels, crossing old lesions, and working through fresh blockages.

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SPINR Guidewire Controller Introduction

Features & Benefits

Providing a wide range of versatility, the SPINR puts the control in your hands, so you, the clinician can easily and precisely adjust rotational speed.

Precision Control

Manipulate guidewire at adjustable speeds from 0 to 2,500 RPM


Intended for a wide range of procedures in both coronary and peripheral vasculature


Compatible with your preferred high-torque 0.014”- 0.038” guidewire

Time saver

Faster than traditional torque devices

Cost saver

Less expensive than comparable electromechanical devices


Discover more about the SPINR™ High-Performance Guidewire Controller by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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