Minimize blood loss and maneuver two separate devices.

The Prelude Choice™ Hemostasis Valve Adapter is a unique dual valve accessory designed for use with the Prelude® Sheath portfolio. With two separate valve openings, the operator can track and control multiple devices while maintaining a secure seal that stops leaks.

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When more than one interventional device is introduced through a single sheath, gaps are created at the valve opening, causing leaks. By fitting the Prelude Choice to the cap of a prelude sheath, leaks can be stopped while utilizing more than one interventional device.
*Leakage difference observed with and without Prelude Choice: 7F sheath, 2 devices, 200mmHg pressure, 15 minutes.

Prelude Choice Sheath Introducers

With Prelude Choice

Without Prelude Choice

  • Securely fits on the Prelude sheath cap.
  • Dual valve openings
  • Track devices with clearly numbered valves.
  • Compatible with multiple sizes and devices.

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Catalog NumberCap ColorRecommended Catheter SizeRecommended Catheter Size (mm)Side Arm Tubing MaterialSide Arm Tubing Length(in/cm)SterilizationLatex FreeWeb CategoryHCPCS CodeShipping Box Qty
PCHVA08White8F or Smaller(2.7 mm)Polyurethane6" (15 cm)ETOYespreludechoiceNo Applicable Code10
UHVA08White8F or Smaller(2.7 mm)Polyurethane6" (15 cm)ETOYespreludechoiceNo Applicable Code10