DualCap Disinfection and Protection System

On any given day, about one in 25 hospital patients has at least one health care-associated infection (HAI), resulting in thousands of lives lost and billions of health care dollars spent each year.1 A common risk factor for HAIs is IV catheter use.1

To tackle this threat to patient safety, solutions were created by medical professionals who manage infection firsthand: nurses. And what they designed has revolutionized how the medical community prevents catheter-related infections. Made by nurses, for nurses, the DualCap Disinfection & Protection System™—a device with two caps that protects IV connectors between uses—not only provides rapid and ongoing protection at both IV catheter access points but also offers solutions to common concerns associated with using competing disinfection systems:

  1. “Snap the Cap”

    Competing disinfection system caps can be difficult to attach or snap on. Requiring too much force to “snap the cap” into position, it can then be difficult to confirm whether the cap is secure. The DualCap System is uniquely designed with multiple threads and an ergonomic grip that allow the clinician to confidently screw the cap into a secure position with less force.

    DualCap threads

  2. “Lost Caps”

    When using competing disinfection systems, another common problem is when caps fall off devices entirely, leaving the male luer or needleless valve—and the patient—open to potential infection. Unlike the competition, the DualCap’s hold and twist tapered design offers easy-to-grip caps that fit tightly and securely, helping to minimize the risk of infection.

    DualCap inside

  3. “Disinfectant Leakage”

    Isopropyl alcohol should stay in the disinfection system—and not enter the patient’s bloodstream. The DualCap System is the only device that features a cap for male luer connectors that blocks isopropyl alcohol from entering the patient’s bloodstream with a sealing cone that prevents it from entering the fluid path. This safety-feature design keeps disinfectant from traveling down the fluid line and potentially invading a patient’s bloodstream.

These problems may be common, but they do not have to be. Learn more about the exclusive DualCap Disinfection & Protection System—a design trusted by actual nurses who are experts at identifying HAI factors and providing effective solutions to minimize risk.

1. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (2018, Jun 21). Health Care-Associated Infections. Retrieved from https://health.gov/hcq/prevent-hai.asp