Third-Party Grants and Donations Request – Europe


Merit recognises that bona fide independent, educational, scientific or policy-making conferences promote scientific knowledge, medical advancement and assist in the delivery of effective health care.

We may provide financial grants directly to the conference organiser to reduce the overall cost of attendance of participants and to cover reasonable speaker compensation, travel, meals and accommodation expenses to Health Care Professionals who are good faith conference faculty members.

Pursuant to the Medtech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice, Merit will not seek to control the content or management of third-party educational programs, e.g., selection of topics, faculty, and attendees. Also, Merit’s support of a program will not depend on the program sponsor’s selection of topics, faculty or attendees.

Merit will not directly pay for conference costs such as facilities, faculty honoraria and travel expenses—all support is provided to the conference organiser to offset overall conference expenses.
*Educational program grant requests and exhibitor/sponsorship applications involve different forms of support. A conference exhibitor or sponsorship arrangement is submitted and reviewed outside of this online grant request process.

*To the extent applicant is requesting the donation of Merit product(s) and actually is provided such product in Merit’s sole discretion, the applicant hereby certifies:

  • Applicant does not intend to use the provided Merit products for commercial purposes and will not sell or trade such products for financial or commercial gain;
  • Applicant can and will use the provided Merit products in a safe and appropriate manner; and
  • Applicant will only use the provided Merit products in conjunction with the identified educational or research activity, and not for other research activities or to supplement inventory for patient use.

Although Merit receives many worthwhile grant requests, it is unable to provide support to all of them. Requestor(s) will receive an email notification of approval or denial after the EMEA Compliance Committee has made its decision.

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