RADstat® Radial Artery Compression Device

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Feature & Benefits

The RadStat provides significant clinical advantages of rapid controlled hemostasis, patient comfort, safety and more rapid ambulation from radial artery puncture. 

Patient Comfort & Fit

The radSTAT® provides ultimate patient comfort, mobility and support. Universal fit for right and left hand, has a cushioned support place, two sterile compression pads to fit any anatomy and a sustained venous flow.

Wrist Support & Immobilization

Problems in achieving and maintaining hemostasis in the clinical setting can result from wrist flexion and failure to control direct pressure on the arterial entry site. The RadStat addresses both concerns by providing comfortable immobilization of the wrist and convenient adjustable direct pressure on the puncture site.

  • No Ulnar Artery Obstruction
  • No Venous Congestion

Cost Effective

The RadStat was developed and used by professionals who share your concerns for patient safety and costs and is disposable. Lower total costs can be achieved by reducing staff labor and earlier patient discharge. 



Discover more about the RADstat® Radial Artery Compression Device by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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