Meritrans® Pressure Transducers

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Feature & Benefits

Flexibility for Your Clinical Needs

Transducers providing reliable precision with customized configurations and a clear fluid path. The Meritrans can be customized for any configuration to better meet your needs and reduce your set-up time.

Available in both hand-held and Paley set-ups, the Meritrans can also be configured with Merit’s broad range of accessories.

  • Marquis® Series stopcocks
  • Over 240 different manifolds
  • Control syringes – including the Inject8 and the new Inject10n
  • Medallion® color coded syringes

Merit Clipper® and Organizer

Available in both two and four transducer models. The Clipper and Organizer easily attach to any size I.V. pole and accommodate both horizontal and vertical transducer positions.




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