Fountain® Infusion Systems

The Fountain infusion system features exclusive gradient hole sizes that are laser-drilled in a spiraling pattern for more uniform dispersion of therapeutic agents in slow-continuous infusion with multiple delivery options: traditional 2-syringe infusion, or pulse infusion via Merit Medical’s exclusive Squirt Fluid Dispensing System. The 4F and 5F Fountain Infusion systems are available with the Squirt Fluid Dispensing syringe, catheter, occluding wire, and the AccessPLUS hemostasis valve.


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Gradient Hole Sizes – Exclusive gradient hole sizes allow uniform infusion of therapeutic agent along the entire length of the infusion segment. Holes are laser drilled to provide a superior infusion pattern for continuous slow-drip or pulsed infusion techniques.
Longer Infusion Segments – Both the 4F and 5F products have infusion segments from 5cm – 50cm.
Catheter – Compatible with 0.035” (0.89mm) guide wire. Fabricated to provide the proper stiffness for good trackability and ease of placement.
Occluding Wire – Effectively blocks off the end hole of the catheter so the therapeutic agent is directed out the side holes into the thrombus.
Hemostasis Valve – Large bore valve allows easy wire placement while minimizing patient blood loss. Airless rotator minimizes bubbles.
High Pressure Check Relief Valve – Designed so injection occurs only from the infusion syringe. Unique “in-line” design provides better handling during pulsed infusion.

The cap at the proximal end of the occluding wire snaps into the hemostasis valve ensuring correct wire placement and adding security for overnight or long-term infusions.

The side holes on the Fountain Infusion Catheter rotate around the catheter to create a more uniform dispersion of therapeutic agent.

The 4 French and 5 French Fountain Infusion Systems are available with the Squirt or with an infusion system containing a high pressure check-relief valve and infusion syringe. Both systems contain a Merit AccessPLUSTM hemostasis valve and a 20ml reservoir syringe.

The wire protector cap covers the proximal end of the occluding wire and snaps into the hemostasis valve.

Consistent, forceful, pulsed injections for optimal thrombolysis procedures.

Pulse Infusion Kits are designed to be used with the Fountain® and Mistique® Infusion Catheters. Products are available with 1ml infusion syringe, 20ml reservoir syringe, and check relief valve; some kits also contain a hemostasis valve.

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Catalog NumberFrench Size (F)Catheter Length (cm)Infusion Segment Length (cm)Catheter Body MaterialHCPCS Code
FIS4-135-104F135 cm10 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-10-V4F135 cm10 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-10SQ4F135 cm10 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-10SQ-V4F135 cm10 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-204F135 cm20 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-20-V4F135 cm20 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-20SQ4F135 cm20 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-20SQ-V4F135 cm20 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-304F135 cm30 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-30-V4F135 cm30 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-30SQ4F135 cm30 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-30SQ-V4F135 cm30 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-404F135 cm40 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-40-V4F135 cm40 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-40SQ4F135 cm40 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-40SQ-V4F135 cm40 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-54F135 cm5 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-5-V4F135 cm5 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-504F135 cm50 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-50-V4F135 cm50 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-50SQ4F135 cm50 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-50SQ-V4F135 cm50 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-135-5SQ4F135 cm5 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-135-5SQ-V4F135 cm5 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-45-104F45 cm10 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-45-10-V4F45 cm10 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-45-10SQ4F45 cm10 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-45-10SQ-V4F45 cm10 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-45-204F45 cm20 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-45-20-V4F45 cm20 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-45-20SQ4F45 cm20 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-45-20SQ-V4F45 cm20 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-104F90 cm10 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-10-V4F90 cm10 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-10SQ4F90 cm10 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-10SQ-V4F90 cm10 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-204F90 cm20 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-20-V4F90 cm20 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-20SQ4F90 cm20 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-20SQ-V4F90 cm20 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-304F90 cm30 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-30-V4F90 cm30 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-30SQ4F90 cm30 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-30SQ-V4F90 cm30 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-404F90 cm40 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-40-V4F90 cm40 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-40SQ4F90 cm40 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-40SQ-V4F90 cm40 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-54F90 cm5 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-5-V4F90 cm5 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-504F90 cm50 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-50-V4F90 cm50 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-50SQ4F90 cm50 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-50SQ-V4F90 cm50 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS4-90-5SQ4F90 cm5 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
FIS4-90-5SQ-V4F90 cm5 cmPebaxC1751,C1769
FIS5-135-105F135 cm10 cmPebax
FIS5-135-10SQ5F135 cm10 cmPebax
FIS5-135-205F135 cm20 cmPebax
FIS5-135-20SQ5F135 cm20 cmPebax
FIS5-135-305F135 cm30 cmPebax
FIS5-135-30SQ5F135 cm30 cmPebax
FIS5-135-405F135 cm40 cmPebax
FIS5-135-40SQ5F135 cm40 cmPebax
FIS5-135-55F135 cm5 cmPebax
FIS5-135-505F135 cm50 cmPebax
FIS5-135-50SQ5F135 cm50 cmPebax
FIS5-135-5SQ5F135 cm5 cmPebax
FIS5-45-105F45 cm10 cmPebax
FIS5-45-10SQ5F45 cm10 cmPebax
FIS5-45-205F45 cm20 cmPebax
FIS5-45-20SQ5F45 cm20 cmPebax
FIS5-90-105F90 cm10 cmPebax
FIS5-90-10SQ5F90 cm10 cmPebax
FIS5-90-205F90 cm20 cmPebax
FIS5-90-20SQ5F90 cm20 cmPebax
FIS5-90-305F90 cm30 cmPebax
FIS5-90-30SQ5F90 cm30 cmPebax
FIS5-90-405F90 cm40 cmPebax
FIS5-90-40SQ5F90 cm40 cmPebax
FIS5-90-55F90 cm5 cmPebax
FIS5-90-505F90 cm50 cmPebax
FIS5-90-50SQ5F90 cm50 cmPebax
FIS5-90-5SQ5F90 cm5 cmPebax
IS4-135-104F135 cm10 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-135-204F135 cm20 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-135-304F135 cm30 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-135-404F135 cm40 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-135-54F135 cm5 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-135-504F135 cm50 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-45-104F45 cm10 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-45-204F45 cm20 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-90-104F90 cm10 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-90-204F90 cm20 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-90-304F90 cm30 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-90-404F90 cm40 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-90-54F90 cm5 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS4-90-504F90 cm50 cmPebaxC1751, C1769
IS5-135-105F135 cm10 cmPebax
IS5-135-205F135 cm20 cmPebax
IS5-135-305F135 cm30 cmPebax
IS5-135-405F135 cm40 cmPebax
IS5-135-55F135 cm5 cmPebax
IS5-135-505F135 cm50 cmPebax
IS5-45-105F45 cm10 cmPebax
IS5-45-205F45 cm20 cmPebax
IS5-90-105F90 cm10 cmPebax
IS5-90-205F90 cm20 cmPebax
IS5-90-305F90 cm30 cmPebax
IS5-90-405F90 cm40 cmPebax
IS5-90-55F90 cm5 cmPebax
IS5-90-505F90 cm50 cmPebax

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Catalog NumberHCPCS Code
K12-00262No Applicable Code
K12-00263No Applicable Code
K12-00264No Applicable Code
K12-00462No Applicable Code
K12-00463No Applicable Code