Fountain® ValveTip Infusion Systems

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Uniformity. Simplicity. Variety.

The Fountain ValveTip Infusion System features exclusive gradient hole sizes that are laser-drilled in a spiraling pattern for more uniform dispersion of therapeutic agents in slow-continuous infusion with multiple delivery options: traditional 2-syringe infusion, or pulse infusion via Merit Medical’s exclusive Squirt Fluid Dispensing System.

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Fountain® Infusion System

Fountain® and Mistique® Infusion System

Fountain® and Mistique® Infusion System

Fountain® and Mistique® Infusion System

Features & Benefits

Uniform & Exclusive Dispersion

  • Patented laser-drilled gradient infusion technology
  • Facilitates both pulsed-infusion and continuous slow-drip techniques
  • 0.035″ (0.89mm) guidewire compatible

Image of Fountain ValveTip Infusion System showcasing tip and gradient holes in tube

Image of Fountain ValveTip showing holes dispersing therapeutic agent

The side holes on the Fountain Infusion Catheter
rotate around the catheter to create a more uniform
dispersion of therapeutic agent.

Image of competitive system dispersing therapeutic agent in 4 directions

Other competitive catheters have side holes
or slits lined up in 4 parallel rows.

Simplified Procedure

  • ValveTip eliminates the use of an occluding wire
  • ValveTip technology minimizes procedural time by eliminating steps associated with an occluding wire
  • State-of-the-art valve design streamlines procedure

Access PLUS Hemostasis Valve

Included with every catheter


Variety of Options

  • 4F and 5F configurations
  • Wide variety of catheter and infusion lengths
  • Variety of options to provide users the products they need


Squirt® Fluid Dispensing System Compatible

The Squirt Syringe is intended for the controlled administration of thrombolytic agents into the peripheral vasculature.

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