Advocate™ 0.018″ PTA Catheter


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Features & Benefits

Cross. Expand. Deliver.™

Advocate’s proprietary design promotes smooth insertion, pushability, and trackability when navigating challenging lesions.

Advocate-Hydrophilic-coatingOver-The-Wire Coaxial System
designed to track through long, diffuse lesions

Serene™ Hydrophilic Technology
for durable lubricity in balloon delivery

Low Lesion Entry Profile
helps cross challenging blockages

Seamless Transitions
result in a low crossing profile

With the most sizes available on 4 F, Advocate expands clinical treatment options and promotes better patient outcomes.

Advocate-4-FF-SheathUp To 7mm Diameter On 4 F*
expands the treatment options on 0.018”
*Except for the 7.0 mm x 250 mm catheters which are 5 F

16 ATM Maximum Rated Burst Pressure
to handle resistant lesions

20-300 mm Lengths
for uniform dilation with fewer inflations

Advocate’s ThinTek™ technology is engineered for exceptional trackability, reliability, and vessel conformability.

Advocate-Inflated-Styled-on-WhiteThinTek™ Technology
balances power and conformability for versatile performance

Trifold Design
allows multiple inflations and tight rewrap

Transitionless Bond
for safe and sleek withdrawal

Ordering Information

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Catalog NumberGuide WireSheath CompatibilityBalloon Outer DiametersBalloon Length (mm)Catheter Length (cm)Rated Pressure (atm)Nominal Pressure (atm)HCPCS Code
A180200801500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.0 mm80 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180201001300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.0 mm100 mm130 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180201001500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.0 mm100 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180201501500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.0 mm150 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180202001500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.0 mm200 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180203001500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.0 mm300 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180250801500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.5 mm80 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180251000900.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.5 mm100 mm90 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180251001300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.5 mm100 mm130 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180251001500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.5 mm100 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180251501500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.5 mm150 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180253001500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)2.5 mm300 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180500400450.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm40 mm45 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180500401300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm40 mm130 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180500401500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm40 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180500600900.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm60 mm90 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180500801300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm80 mm130 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180501000900.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm100 mm90 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180501001300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm100 mm130 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180501001500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm100 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180501501300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm150 mm130 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180501501500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm150 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180502001300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm200 mm130 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180502001500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm200 mm150 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180502501300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)5.0 mm250 mm130 cm16 atm8 atmC1725
A180600400450.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)6.0 mm40 mm45 cm14 atm8 atmC1725
A180600401300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)6.0 mm40 mm130 cm14 atm8 atmC1725
A180600801300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)6.0 mm80 mm130 cm14 atm8 atmC1725
A180600801500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)6.0 mm80 mm150 cm14 atm8 atmC1725
A180601001300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)6.0 mm100 mm130 cm14 atm8 atmC1725
A180601001500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)6.0 mm100 mm150 cm14 atm8 atmC1725
A180601501300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)6.0 mm150 mm130 cm14 atm8 atmC1725
A180601501500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)6.0 mm150 mm150 cm14 atm8 atmC1725
A180602001300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)6.0 mm200 mm130 cm14 atm8 atmC1725
A180602001500.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)6.0 mm200 mm150 cm14 atm8 atmC1725
A180700400450.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)7.0 mm40 mm45 cm12 atm8 atmC1725
A180701001300.018" Wireguided4F (1.3 mm)7.0 mm100 mm130 cm12 atm8 atmC1725