Tenor® Steerable Guidewires

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Exceptional pushability and torqueability are combined in the Tenor Steerable Guidewire to facilitate precise navigation in challenging anatomy during embolic procedures.

Features & Benefits

Additional features of the Tenor Steerable Guidewire include a highly shapeable tip for challenging anatomy, radiopaque visibility for accurate placement, smooth tracking for superb handling, and an ultra slick hydrophilic coating on distal segment. During a market evaluation, more than 80% of users rated the Tenor 0.018″ guidewire as superior or equivalent to their current wire across all key product attributes.*

Pushability and Torqueability

Exceptional pushability and torqueability to facilitate precise navigation

Highly Shapeable Tip

Highly shapeable tip to suit challenging anatomy

Radiopaque Visibility

Radiopaque visibility provides for accurate placement

Smooth Tracking

Smooth tracking for superb handling

Environmentally Friendly

  • PFOA free PTFE on proximal segment
  • Ultraslick hydrophilic coating on distal segment
  • Innovative stainless steel core wire technology
  • Specially designed distal core
  • Platinum coil supported by radiopaque polymer jacket

Tenor Steerable Guidewire deforms less and therefore retains torque better when manipulated into a tight loop as compared to competitors in a market evaluation.*

During a market evaluation more than 80% of users rated the Tenor 0.018” Steerable Guidewire as superior or equivalent to their current wire of choice across all key product attributes.*

*Data on file at BioSphere Medical, Inc.


Discover more about the Tenor® Steerable Guidewires by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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