Madison™ Perforating Bone Biopsy Kit with Drill

This direct-access bone biopsy system provides an optional hard bone access element for traversing dense bone, in both 11G and 13G sizes.

System Components

As with all the Merit Bone Biopsy Systems, the Madison™ System contains the Preston™ Bone Biopsy Needle, designed for either incremental sampling for blastic lesions or with optional syringe aspiration.

  • Trocar-tip stylet/perforating-tip cannula introducer
  • Exchangeable drill insert
  • Clockwise trephine-tip biopsy needle
  • Ejector pin
Madison Perforating Bone Biopsy Kit

The Madison™ Perforating Bone Biopsy System is a perforating, comprehensive system designed to traverse hard bone and reach deep-set or small cortical abnormalities. It is a popular choice for both axial and appendicular cases. Its features and benefits include:

  • Control and precision while traversing dense bone
  • Precise cannula placement while drilling to target small cortical lesions
  • Unique perforating cannula and hard bone drilling technology
  • Direct access, easy handling, and efficient hard bone access

Available in 11G in four lengths from 6.5cm to 15cm and 13G* in 9cm. The Madison™ Mini is available in 13G, 6 cm.

*The 13G Madison™ System features a removable handle on the introducer.