Contrast Transfer Sets

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Merit Medical’s line of Contrast Transfer Sets are interchangeable for use with either contrast or saline solutions. The contrast transfer set features a wide base for insertion support when placing into the contrast bottle. Available with a large bore piercing spike and a large wing, swabbable valve. The saline transfer set has a longer, sharper spike tip for easier insertion into IV solution bags and a blue safety stripe for identification

Features & Benefits

CT Transfer Set with Disinfectant Caps

Reduces hospital acquired line-associated infections

Line-associated infections kill patients and are costly to hospitals, reaching more than $2.3 billion in non-reimbursable healthcare costs annually, and costing hospitals approximately $46,000 per infection treated. Our CT Transfer Set is now available with disinfectant caps, a convenient system designed for use on needle-free valves that reduces line-associated infections.

Clinical Benefits


Passively disinfects the needleless luer access valve in 30 seconds


Contains 70% isopropyl alcohol to disinfect and protect connectors between uses


Provides a physical barrier to contamination for up to 7 days


IV strip keeps disinfectant caps conveniently located at point of use


Decrease turnaround time transferring contrast or saline into an injector syringe

Cost Savings

Gives the ability to use larger, more cost effective bottles of contrast


Discover more about Contrast Transfer Sets by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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