Impress® Diagnostic Peripheral Catheters

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Merit Impress Catheters

Prepare to be Impressed

Merit Medical introduces an impressive line of Peripheral Angiographic Catheters. By enhancing each aspect of the product from tip to hub, this catheter will not only meet your needs and expectations, it will impress you.

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Impress® Diagnostic Peripheral Catheter

Impress® Diagnostic Peripheral Catheter

Features & Benefits

A revolutionary new design in Peripheral Angiographic Catheters.


  • Accordion design, insert-molded hub and strain relief is made of soft polyurethane material which minimizes kinking and provides steerability
  • Ergonomically designed wings enhance handling and control
  • The internal transition provides smooth guide wire advancement

Proprietary Shaft Material

  • Braided stainless steel shaft
  • Maximizes flexibility while reducing kinking
  • Provides excellent torqueability
  • Optimal surface smoothness

Distal Tip

  • Tapered tip
  • Highly visible under fluoro
  • High pull strength at shaft-to-tip transition
  • Excellent tip memory
  • Multiple shape options

The proven advantages of our Impress peripheral catheters with the added benefit of Legato Hydrophilic coating.

  • Designed to reduce friction for smoother navigation through tortuous anatomy
  • Designed to maintain lubricity throughout the procedure


Discover more about Impress Diagnostic Peripheral Catheters by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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