Impress 30 cm catheters with a shorter catheter length, enabling the clinician to be closer to the working site on the forearm and provide excellent torque.

30cm ANGIOGRAPHIC Catheters
Small additions to an already impressive catheter line

Shorter catheter length enables the clinician to be closer to the working site on the forearm, while providing excellent torque.


Merit MAK™ & SMAK™ Mini Access Kits
When little things mean a lot, get started with Merit.

Prelude® Short Sheath Introducers
The shorter sheath provides access to dialysis fistulas and grafts. Can be used for declot, angioplasty, and thrombolysis procedures, as well as temporary hemodialysis.

Slip-not® Suture Retention device
A unique and effective method to secure a purse-string suture following fistula intervention.

Fountain® Infusion Systems
Exclusive gradient hole sizes allow uniform distribution of therapeutic agent along the entire length of the infusion segment.

ProGuide™ Chronic Dialysis Catheter
A stepped tip dialysis catheter that’s clearly a step up. Apposition bump deflection feature is designed to minimize recirculation and optimize flow rates.

ShortStop® and ShortStop Advantage® Temporary Sharps Holders
The shortstop Advantage offers a side access feature which allows placement of a loaded syringe attached to a needle, thus
preventing needle bending.