Precision. Accuracy. Control.

Precise & Predictable Throw Adjustability | Full-Core Specimens |True One-Handed Operation

The CorVocet Biopsy System is designed to cut a full core of tissue, providing large specimens for pathological examination. Its sleek lines, lightweight, and ergonomic grip help facilitate one-handed priming, positioning, and deployment, which is especially beneficial during image-guided procedures.

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CorVocet - Precise Throw Length

Precise Throw Length

Provides more accuracy and precision than the competitors with its unique adjustability, allowing users to maximize target tissue sampling and minimize healthy tissue trauma

Full Core Specimens

Provide more tissue than notch sampling for improved pathological examination

CorVocet Full Core Specimens

Lightweight Design

Minimizes movement of needle when left in patient during imaging. CorVocet is 55% lighter than competitor A and 67% lighter than competitor B1

CorVocet Lightweight Design
1. 18 Gauge, Data on file, Merit Medical, 2015

Full-Core Specimens, One-Handed Operation, Customizable Throw Length

This device can be used for soft tissue biopsy procedures, such as: 

  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Prostate
  • Spleen
  • Breast
  • Lung
  • Lymph Nodes
  • Soft Tissue Masses

Additional Features

  • Dual Triggers – Device can be fired from two locations, accommodating for procedural needs
  • Depth Markings – Easy insertion depth reference
  • Multiple Sizes – Broad range of gauge sizes and lengths to meet procedural needs
  • Quiet Firing Action – Approximately 33% quieter than the competition for an improved patient experience
  • Echo-Enhanced Tip – Provides visualization during image-guided procedures
  • Throw Length – Accurate, controllable throw length adjustment in mm increments
  • Ready Indicator – Displays yellow when device is primed
  • Blunt Stylet – May be used to minimize damage to soft tissue, vasculature, and organs
  • Coaxial Introducer – With its unique quick release technology, the inner stylet can be removed without twisting and torquing

Biopsy Procedure Kits

Merit’s Biopsy Procedure Kits provide many of the products needed for biopsy procedures. Learn more >

Biopsy Kit

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Catalog NumberTrademarkExpanded Family NameSafetyBiopsy Device GaugeBiopsy Device Length (cm)Coaxial Length (cm)Coaxial GaugeNeedle TypeAutomatic or Semi-Automatic
CA1810SCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety18G10.0 cm4.5 cm17GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1410CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle14G10.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1415CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle14G15.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1610CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle16G10.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1610SCorVocet™Standalone Biopsy NeedleSafety16G10.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1615CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle16G15.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1810CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle18G10.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1810SCorVocet™Standalone Biopsy NeedleSafety18G10.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1815CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle18G15.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1815SCorVocet™Standalone Biopsy NeedleSafety18G15.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1820CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle18G20.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1820SCorVocet™Standalone Biopsy NeedleSafety18G20.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1825CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle18G25.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA1825SCorVocet™Standalone Biopsy NeedleSafety18G25.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA2010CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle20G10.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA2010SCorVocet™Standalone Biopsy NeedleSafety20G10.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA2015CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle20G15.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA2015SCorVocet™Standalone Biopsy NeedleSafety20G15.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORA2020CorVocet™Standalone Biopsy Needle20G20.0 cmFull-CoreAutomatic
CORC1410CorVocet™Coaxial Introducer4.4 cm13GFull-Core
CORC1610CorVocet™Coaxial Introducer4.5 cm15GFull-Core
CORC1615CorVocet™Coaxial Introducer9.5 cm15GFull-Core
CORC1810BCorVocet™Coaxial Introducer4.5 cm17GFull-Core
CORC1815BCorVocet™Coaxial Introducer9.5 cm17GFull-Core
CORC1820BCorVocet™Coaxial Introducer14.5 cm17GFull-Core
CORC1825BCorVocet™Coaxial Introducer19.5 cm17GFull-Core
CORC2010BCorVocet™Coaxial Introducer4.6 cm19GFull-Core
CORC2015BCorVocet™Coaxial Introducer9.6 cm19GFull-Core
CORC2020BCorVocet™Coaxial Introducer14.6 cm19GFull-Core
CORCA1410CorVocet™Coaxial Bundle14G10.0 cm4.4 cm13GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1410SCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety14G10.0 cm4.4 cm13GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1415CorVocet™Coaxial Bundle14G15.0 cm9.4 cm13GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1610CorVocet™Coaxial Bundle16G10.0 cm4.5 cm15GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1610SCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety16G10.0 cm4.5 cm15GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1615CorVocet™Coaxial Bundle16G15.0 cm9.5 cm15GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1615SCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety16G15.0 cm9.5 cm15GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1810BCorVocet™Coaxial Bundle18G10.0 cm4.5 cm17GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1810SBCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety18G10.0 cm4.5 cm17GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1815BCorVocet™Coaxial Bundle18G15.0 cm9.5 cm17GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1815SBCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety18G15.0 cm9.5 cm17GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1820BCorVocet™Coaxial Bundle18G20.0 cm14.5 cm17GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1820SBCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety18G20.0 cm14.5 cm17GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1825BCorVocet™Coaxial Bundle18G25.0 cm19.5 cm17GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA1825SBCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety18G25.0 cm19.5 cm17GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA2010BCorVocet™Coaxial Bundle20G10.0 cm4.6 cm19GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA2010SBCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety20G10.0 cm4.6 cm19GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA2015BCorVocet™Coaxial Bundle20G15.0 cm9.6 cm19GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA2015SBCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety20G15.0 cm9.6 cm19GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA2020BCorVocet™Coaxial Bundle20G20.0 cm14.6 cm19GFull-CoreAutomatic
CORCA2020SBCorVocet™Coaxial BundleSafety20G20.0 cm14.6 cm19GFull-CoreAutomatic