Vertebral compression fractures (VCF’s) can have debilitating effects on a patient’s quality of life, that is why Merit Medical offers a full family of VCF solutions to meet the needs of our patients. The StabiliT System combines a targeted approach and ultra-high viscosity cement to treat pathological fractures and minimize extravasation in the vertebrae.

The StabiliT MX provides a targeted, bone-sparing cavity creation approach to vertebral augmentation or kyphoplasty with Merit’s patented cement preparation and controlled delivery of high-viscosity cement.  While the StabiliT VP combines Merit’s patented simple cement preparation with the controlled delivery of high-viscosity cement.

The Osseoflex® SB family of inflatable bone tamps include steerable, articulating and straight balloons for vertebral augmentation or kyphoplasty. The Osseoflex SB enables access to the entire vertebral body with unprecedented navigation and precision. Osseoflex SN steerable, articulating needles enable direct access to the entire vertebral body by way of a unipedicular approach for percutaneous vertebral augmentation or kyphoplasty. The SN or SN+ is used either individually or in combination with Osseoflex SB steerable balloons for cavity creation.