Features & Benefits

These Drape Armour® free positional shields are designed to protect at the procedure site where scatter radiation is most prevelent. These shields can help protect surgeons and other members of the clinical staff, and offer substantial attenuation as directed by direct beam studies. Attenuation Data: Drape Armour® shields offer 86-88% attenuation at 90kVp. Drape Armour® LOW shields offer 80-81% attenuation at 90kVp.


Ordering Information
Catalog NumberDescription
  K12T-0730216 x 10 Radiation Pad
  K12T-0730316 x 14 Radiation Pad
  K12T-0730416 x 16 Radiation Pad
  K12T-0736216 x 10 Radiation Pad LOW
  K12T-0736316 x 14 Radiation Pad LOW
  K12T-0736416 x 16 Radiation Pad LOW
  K12T-0736116 x 13 x 9 “L” Radiation Pad