Features & Benefits

Bringing Disinfection & Protection Together

The DualCap System™ is a uniquely designed disinfecting cap system for use on both the male luer connector at the end of the IV tubing and the needle-free valve. The DualCap System consists of two caps designed to help prevent intraluminal contamination, as well as device cross-contamination, especially important for IV catheter use over extended dwell times.1

  • The DualCap System not only provides built-in disinfection, but protection that comes from a secure connection
  • Both caps contain medical-grade sponges saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • Both caps feature an easy-to-grasp, hold and twist tapered design that fits tightly and securely
  • Designed by infusion nurses, for nurses the Light Blue and Dark Blue DualCap® contain 70% isopropyl alcohol to disinfect and protect IV connectors between uses

Easy & Convenient

  • Durable IV Pole Strips™ are designed to withstand handling from the supply room to the bedside, supporting adherence and sterility efforts
  • Each cap is individually attached and sealed to help prevent accidental opening, disinfectant loss, or contamination

Provides Rapid and Ongoing Protection at both IV Catheter Access Points

  • In 30 seconds, the DualCap System™ disinfects the male luer connector and needle-free valve and provides a physical barrier to contamination for up to 7 days under normal conditions if not removed2

Integrates an Exclusive, Safety-Feature Design for Male Luer Connectors

  • The only cap for male luer connectors that blocks 70% IPA from entering the patient’s bloodstream with a sealing cone that prevents it from entering the fluid path3

Secures Tightly

  • Luer-tapered wall and full-threaded design ensure a secure fit on needle-free valves. Rod creates biasing force ensuring a tight seal against opening of the male luer connector.

Smooth and Easy to Handle

  • Smooth surfaces prevent caps from snagging and protect skin from irritation. Large grip surface enables easy handling and attachment to IV connectors.

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  2. DualCap IV Pole Strips® Instructions for Use, 2016. Catheter Connections, Inc.
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Ordering Information
001-300DualCap.Disinfecting Cap.Needle free Valve.Light BlueNeedle free ValveLight BlueSingle CapBulk
001-400DualCap.Disinfecting Cap.Male.Dark BlueMale luerDark BlueSingle CapBulk
500-LBDualCap.Disinfecting Cap.Needle free Valve.Light BlueNeedle free ValveLight BlueIV Pole StripSterile
600-DBDualCap.Disinfecting Cap.Male.Dark BlueMale luerDark BlueIV Pole StripSterile
450-LBDualCap Solo™ Cap with foil lid for needle-free valve, packed in dispenser box.Needle free valveLight BlueSingle CapBulk (350 pcs /box)
550-LBDualCap® IV Pole Strips™ For needle-free valves. 35 strips/10 caps per stripNeedle free valveLight BlueIV Pole StripBulk (350 pcs / box)
660-DBDualCap® IV Pole Strips™ For male luer connectors. 35 strips/5 caps per strip.Male luerDark BlueIV Pole StripBulk (175 pcs / box)