Meritrans DTXPlus® Disposable Transducers

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Meritrans DTXPlus® Disposable Transducers

Features & Benefits

  • A range of single, double and triple disposable transducer sets
  • Available with the Safedraw® safe arterial blood sampling system
  • Designed with EasyVent® – a unique cap that allows clinicians to prime and zero the stopcock without removing the cap and exposing the line to the ambient environment.
  • Gabarith™ Tested – pressure monitoring accuracy depends on the entire monitoring system. The Gabarith test is a scientific technique to measure the performance of the entire monitoring system – transducer, set, stopcocks, filter, and the catheter. This test achieves the quality standard set by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). Noted sets have been Gabarith tested.*


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Catalog NumberTrademarkExpanded Family Name1Expanded Family Name2Expanded Family Name3Cable LengthFluid Admin Set LengthGabarith TestedWith R.O.S.ENumber of Disposable TransducerSterilizationLatex FreeShipping Box QtyGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
682000Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-4812Single Transducer Set13.5"1 Way 60" (150 cm)NoNo1ETOYes5
682002Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsGabarith™ PMSET 1DT-XXSingle Transducer Set13.5"1 Way 60" (150 cm)NoNo1ETOYes5
682007Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-4812DDual Transducer Set13.5"2 Ways 40" (100 cm) + 20" (50 cm), 20" (50 cm)NoNo2ETOYes5
682012Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-4812TTriple Transducer Set13.5"3 Ways 40" (100 cm) + 20" (50 cm), 20" (50 cm), 20" (50 cm)NoNo3ETOYes5
682014Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-6012Single Transducer Set13.5"1 Way 60" (150 cm)NoNo1ETOYes5
682018Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-XXDTXPlus™ Transducer13.5"NoNo1ETOYes10
682019Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-NNDTXPlus™ Transducer13.5"NoNo1ETOYes10
682021Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ TNF-RDTXPlus™ Transducer13.5"No1ETOYes10
682022Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsGabarith™ PMSET 1DT-NNSingle Transducer Set13.5"NoNo1ETOYes5
682024Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-12Single Transducer Set13.5"1 Way 60" (150 cm)NoNo1ETOYes5
682028Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-DL60Single Transducer Set13.5"3 Ways 40" (100 cm) + 20" (50 cm), 20" (50 cm), 20" (50 cm)No1ETOYes5
682034Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-4812MASingle Transducer Set13.5"1 Way 60" (150 cm)No1ETOYes5
682035Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-6012MASingle Transducer Set13.5"1 Way 60" (150 cm)NoNo1ETOYes5
682040Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-NN12Single Transducer Set13.5"NoNo1ETOYes10
682105R.O.S.E™PM AccessoriesR.O.S.E™Damping DeviceNoETOYes25
682133Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsDTXPlus™ DT-4812RSingle Transducer Set1 Way 60" (150 cm)NoYes1ETOYes5
683019Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsTransducer DT-XXNon-sterile medical devices for further processing13.5"NoNo1NSYes100
687276Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsProvidence Seattle - Cath Lab TransducerSingle Transducer Set13.5"NoNo1ETOYes10
689712Meritrans DTXPlus®DTX KitsPMSET 3DT-XXTriple Transducer Set13.5"3 Ways 40" (100 cm) + 20" (50 cm), 20" (50 cm), 20" (50 cm)NoNo3ETOYes5