ShortStop Grandstand® Temporary Sharps Holder

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The best seat in the house for your sharps.

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The ShortStop Grandstand Temporary Sharps Holder holds sharp devices upright for convenient access and safety. The bright red compact configuration is a space-saving solution for the safe storage of needles, syringes, and scalpels. The ShortStop Grandstand has coring-resistant foam for easy removal. It’s strategically located adhesive strips secure the ShortStop Grandstand to most work surfaces.

Grandstand holds your sharp devices upright while utilizing minimal space.


  • No more bent needles; syringes rest upright against the Grandstand’s integral backrest.
  • Coring-resistant foam provides easy removal and minimizes particulate.
  • Strategically located adhesive strips secure Grandstand to most work surfaces.
  • Rigid, puncture-resistant material reduces potential of needle sticks and increases safety during disposal.


Discover more about the ShortStop Grandstand® Temporary Sharps Holder by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.

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