PhD™ Hemostasis Valve

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PhD Hemostasis Valve

The Choice Is Clear

The PhD™ Hemostasis Valve simplifies procedures with an easy one-handed, push-and-release mechanism, freeing your other hand to deliver interventional equipment. Dual-seal technology provides easy bleedback control, minimizing patient blood loss.

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PhD Hemostasis Valve: Trusted Worldwide

PhD Hemostasis Valve: Trusted Worldwide

PhD™ Hemostasis Valve [In-Service]

PhD™ Hemostasis Valve [In-Service]

Features & Benefits

  • Clear polycarbonate body
  • Tapered cap guides devices into valve lumen
  • Push-and-release bleedback seal
  • Silicone Compression seal
  • Airless rotator facilitates valve movement
  • Accommodates devices up to 7.3F (ID 0.096″ or 2.44 mm)
  • OPTIONAL 9″ Sidearm Bonded Extension Tubing



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