PreludeSYNC EVO Radial Compression Device - Evolutions Continue


The PreludeSYNC EVO Radial Compression Device is used to assist in gaining and maintaining hemostasis of the radial and ulnar artery following catheterization procedures.

Designed for Clarity and Uniformity

  • Large clear window area with unobstructed site visibility.
  • Optimized for diffuse and uniform balloon pressure.
  • Visible target to facilitate proper placement over arteriotomy.

Designed for Comfort

  • Soft, comfortable band.
  • Easy to secure, adjust, and clean.
  • 24 cm and 29 cm sizes available.
  • Randomized assortment of musically-themed bands in each box.

Designed for Safety

  • Specialized connection1 for safety during inflation.
  • Slip-n-Lock™ cap secures syringe during inflation/deflation.
  • If a PreludeSYNC EVO syringe is not available, remove the Slip-n-Lock cap2 to allow deflation with a standard luer syringe.

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Catalog NumberProduct FamilyTrademarkExpanded Family NameBand LengthMaximum Inflation VolumeUOMSterilizationLatex FreeShipping Box Qty
SRB24LBACCompression DevicePreludeSYNC EVO™Radial Compression Device24 cm30 mL5 PKETOYes5
SRB29LBACCompression DevicePreludeSYNC EVO™Radial Compression Device29 cm30 mL5 PKETOYes5


  1. Patent pending.
  2. CAUTION: DO NOT remove the Slip-n-Lock connector while sheath is still in the patient.